Disaster Response Team (DRT) – The DRT Standing Committee shall be chaired by the DRT Coordinator. The Executive Director of OFMA, the State NFIP Coordinator and a minimum of two other members shall compose the DRT committee. The DRT’s primary mission is to:

* Assist the local Floodplain Administrator and Building Code Official to handle the influx of work incurred during a disaster event.

* Members have the opportunity to help the affected residents understand the steps to flood recovery in order to help them recover quicker and safer

* Our efforts support disaster recovery sustainability for the communities and residents of our state.

* Volunteers can conduct flood damage reconnaissance, high water mark data collection, flood recovery outreach and education, building safety assessments and substantial damage screenings and substantial damage estimates.

OFMA is lucky to also have a Drone Support Team which consists of members throughout the state that have licenses and the ability to capture real-time data using drone technology.

Chair (DRT Coordinator): Bill Smith

Vice-Chair (Alternate DRT Coordinator): Tom Leatherbee