Maintaining Certified status for Certified Floodplain Manager

Certifications awarded by OFMA can be valid indefinitely and will remain in effect for a one year period. At the end of every year, each CFM must submit a renewal application, and CEC documentation to OFMA and enclose the appropriate renewal fee. When these conditions are met, a one-year renewal will be issued.


The CFM Annual (every year) renewal requirements are:

  • Submittal of renewal application;
  • Submittal of renewal fee;
  • Submittal of proof of 16 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) within the previous 24 months, with a maximum of 12 CECs earned in any one year.
  • When these conditions are met, a one -year renewal will be issued.

A PDF of the application is available for download. Complete the application and mail in your fee with it.  Follow the instructions on the application completely.