Awards & Recognitions

Scholarship Award

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating Oklahoma High School Senior who is planning to pursue a career in a floodplain management-related field and is intended for educational, financial support.

Kenneth Morris Honorary Lifetime Member Award

In 2003, the Association Board of Directors renamed 2006 an award in honor of W. Kenneth Morris.  This Honorary Membership is given to Association members that have made valuable and significant contributions over a significant number of years to the Association for the improvement of floodplain management in the State of Oklahoma.  One or more of these awards are given annually.  The awards committee and Board of Directors select award recipients.

Special Recognition Award

Special Recognition Awards are presented by the Board of Directors Annually.  These awards are given to individuals in the floodplain management business that have demonstrated excellence in an endeavor that is worthy of recognition.  One or several of these may be given in any given year.

Chairman’s Award

This award was created in 2007 by the Chair of the Association, to be given to dedicated OFMA members who continue to make valuable and significant contributions to the Association, year after year, for the improvement of floodplain management in the State of Oklahoma.

Charles Don Ellison Memorial Award

In 1998, the Oklahoma Floodplain Management Association Board of Directors created this award to recognize an association member who has demonstrated significant long-term leadership and support, which clearly influenced and advanced OFMA.  This award is named after Charles Don Ellison, a Federal Emergency Management Agency Region VI employee and native Oklahoman, who dedicated his life to flood loss reduction for Oklahoma and the nation.  On July 23, 1995, Don left us at the early age of 59.  His career exemplifies the spirit of this award.  Don had the foresight to envision this Association and its benefits.  The OFMA Board of Directors presents this award annually.

Ronald D. Flanagan Platinum Project Award

This award was created in 2001 and renamed in 2005 for Oklahoma communities or agencies that go above and beyond the minimum. Stream restoration, repetitive loss buyouts, green belt creation, and floodplain partnerships are examples of project candidates.  The OFMA Board will review all candidates, and more than one Project Award can be given in any year.

Ben Frizzell Media Award

This award was created in 2000 to honor Ben Frizzell, who passed away on May 15, 2000. In 1995, Ben became the Public Information Officer for the Oklahoma Department of Civil Emergency Management and did a marvelous job.  Ben was recognized by FEMA in 1994 with their prestigious “Meritorious Service Award.”  The award cited his service during numerous disasters, including the 1992 Hurricane Andrew and the 1993 Midwest Floods.  One of Ben’s many sayings was, “Life is too short, it’s like a commercial, hit em’ hard, make your point, then give something to laugh about and remember.”  This award can be presented each year for outstanding floodplain management-related stories or publications produced in Oklahoma.

The Silver Scoop Award

The Silver Scoop Awards are presented to key individuals that contribute significantly to the Association.  Award recipients help make the Association click.  The Silver Scoop symbolizes the importance of communal “channel maintenance” programs, as opposed to a one-time clean-up.  Award recipients scoop a lot and scoop often.  Scoop contents are always rich and organic.  One or more Silver Scoop Awards are given annually to Association members.

Leatherbee Robison Education Outreach Award

This award was created in 2015 to recognize exemplary accomplishments in educating the public and Government officials and extending the knowledge of Floodplain Management through various methods of outreach to educators, public safety agencies, Floodplain Administrators, and the general public.

Public Official of the Year Award

This award is generally given to an official that has implemented public policy initiatives that demonstrate excellence in addressing present and future floodplain management needs for his/her community.  The award recipient could be an elected or non-elected official.  The award is given annually.  Similar selection procedures are followed, as explained in the FPM of the Year summary.

Floodplain Manager of the Year Award

Each year OFMA selects an individual that has shown significant excellence in the field of floodplain management.  This individual has demonstrated dedication through the administration of his/her community’s floodplain management program in pursuing the goals of flood loss reduction and in the prevention of loss of life.  This award is given to one individual annually.  Nominations are received each year from the general membership, and the awards committee selects the individual based on their achievements.  The individual must be a member of the Association.  In 2015, the award was renamed J. Gavin Brady Floodplain Manager of the Year.

DRT recognitions

Recognition is given to the volunteers that contribute to this program annually.  This award was created by Bill Smith, P.E., CFM, DRT Coordinator, to recognize the many OFMA volunteers that provide assistance under this program to communities across Oklahoma each and every year.

Past Award Recipients

Scholarship Award

1999 – Kelly Michael Gile, Mannford

2000 – Robert Allan Stevenson, El Reno

2004 – Steven Kennedy, Edmond

2005 – Jessica Mathis, Elysie Hennen, Enid Hennen, Kristin Wyckoff, Kyle Coldiron

2007 – Ryan Wyckoff, Aaron Hennen, Whitney Brady

2008 – Cole Stout, Pryor; Veronica Page, Tulsa

2009 – Amanda Brady, Owasso; Eric Tichansky, Tulsa

2010 – Chelsea Frieze; Zachary Moore

2011 – Mary Gillespie, Oklahoma City; Jacob Bulman, Tulsa

2012 – Joshua Robinson, Sapulpa; Emily Kitchens, Tulsa

2013 – Denise Harding; Rachel Wyckoff; Trevor Kelton

2014 – Christopher Hampton – Mustang, Ashley Ghazal – Skiatook, Raven Girty – Warner, Haven Scrimsher – Broken Arrow

2015 – Kevyn Johnson, University of Oklahoma, and Daniel Williams, University of Oklahoma

2021 – Cooper Phillips, Southwestern University; Robin Schwab, University of Oklahoma; Ella Claborn, University of Arkansas

Honorary Lifetime Member Award

1998 – Donetta P. Blanlot, Past Chair, Secretary of Association

1999 – Neill Pulliam, P.E., CFM, Region 2 Representative 1995-1996

2000 – Carol Williams – Tulsa (Special), Carolyn Schultz, CFM – Tulsa

2001 – Harold L. Springer, P.E., CFM – Guthrie

2002 – James Leewright – OWRB

2021 – Ron Flanagan, RD Flanagan & Associates

W. Kenneth Morris Honorary Lifetime Member Award

2003 – Ken Morris, CFM – OWRB (retired)

2004 – Lonnie Ward, CFM – FEMA, Region VI, Denton, TX, Ann Patton – Tulsa (retired)

2005 – Lynne Stevenson, CFM

2006 – Joseph R. Remondini, P.E., CFM, Corp; Gavin Brady, CFM – OWRB; Pat Hoggard – Tulsa

2007 – Rhonda Bowers, Jeff Bigby, CFM

2009 – Janet Meshek, P.E., CFM – Meshek & Associates, Hank Elling –  OWRB

2010 – Clint Strawn, Woods County Commissioner

2011 – Bill Smith, PE, CFM – HISINC

2012 – Leslie Lewis, P.E., CFM – ODOT

2013 – Clark Williams, CFM

2014 – T.J. Davis, CFM – City of Sand Springs

2015 – Ellen Stevens, Ph.D., P.E., CFM

2016 – Ed Fite, CFM – Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission

2017 – Phillip Beauchamp – City of Altus, Retired Public Official of the Year – Mayor Albert Jones – City of Wagoner

2018 – Paul Zachary, P.E., CFM

2019 – Todd McLellan – City of Norman

Special Recognition Award

1999 – Terry Durborow – Miami, Fred Liebe – ODCEM, Oklahoma City, Hank Elling, CFM – OWRB, Lawton, Eric Wiles, CFM – Skiatook, Kathy Muckala –  Oklahoma City, Nancy Marshment – Oklahoma City, Ann Patton – Tulsa, Neill Pulliam, P.E., CFM – Tulsa

2000 – Ronald D. Flanagan, CFM – Tulsa, Duane A. Smith – Oklahoma City, Michael R. Melton – Oklahoma City, Michael E. Mathis – Oklahoma City, Col. Leonardo V. Flor – Tulsa

2001 – Rhonda Kouba – OWRB, Lynne Stevenson – Canadian County, Nancy Wade –  Bartlesville, David Wakefield, R.D – Flanagan & Assoc. – Tulsa, Margaret Swank – Payne County

2002 – Rex Hennen, CFM – Shawnee, Bill Deering – Payne County, Tom Blaylock – Payne County

2003 – Tom Graham, CFM – Davis, David Sprouse – OCFM, Madill, Kent Wilkins, OCFM, OWRB; Jim Coffey, CFM – Bixby, Laureen Gilroy, CFM – Tulsa

2004 – David Wakefield, R.D. Flanagan & Assoc., Tulsa; Gavin Brady, CFM, Tulsa; Dennis Woommavovah, CFM, Cache; Nancy Wade, CFM, Bartlesville; Kathy Muckala – Oklahoma City

2005 – Vanda Pendergraft, CFM – Broken Arrow, Joe Remondini P.E., CFM – USACE, Andy Commer, Joe Don Willingham – ODEQ, Bill Smith, P.E., CFM –  HISINC

2006 – Sherri Stansel, CFM – Norman, Jack Graham, CFM – FEMA Region VI, Larry Larson, CFM – ASFPM

2007 – Gavin Brady, CFM, Eugene Blankenship, CFM, Janell Wood, CFM, Leslie Lewis, CFM, Jerry Ruse, Amy Brandley, CFM –  Hydrologic Technicians of USGS

2008 – Mike Chapman CFM – Ponca City

2009 – Carl Watts – FEMA, Monty Proctor – Wagoner County

2010 – Dee Robison, Chair of Education Committee, Karen Gentry, Ed Spencer – George Brown & Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Sandy Garrett, Randy McLerran, Jana Rowland & Oklahoma Department of Education, Jerry Barnett – OWRB

2011 –  Andy Artus, Collins, Zorn & Waggoner; Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma; Amy Brandley, CFM, Canadian County; Commissioner Clint Strawn, CFM, Woods County; Ana Stagg, PE, CFM, Meshek & Associates; Congressman Dan Boren

2012 – Tom Leatherbee, CFM, City of Del City

2013 – Lisa Jennings, FEMA Region VI

2015 – Roberto Ramirez, CFM Floodplain Specialist, MIT Division, FMI, FEMA Region VI; Michaelann Ooten, Deputy Director, Oklahoma Department

2015 –  of Emergency Management

2016 – Glenda Longan, Miami; Bill Tucker, CFM, Kingfisher

2017 – Michael Kimbro, ODOT

2018 – Raymond Melton, CPESC – City of Oklahoma City, Vernon Seaman – INCOG, Michelle Chao – ODEQ, Carrie Evenson, P.E., Ph.D., CFM – City of Norman, Monica Cardin, CCEA, CFM – City of Del City, Jeff Bigby, P.E., CFM – City of Broken Arrow, Madison Kynaston – 5th Grade – Nicoma Park Intermediate School

2019 – Jennifer Smith Lawson – Meshek & Associates

Chairman’s Award

2007 – Anna Waggoner, CFM, Yukon; Carolyn Schultz, CFM; Ed Endacott; and Gavin Brady, CFM

2008 – Ronald D. Flanagan CFM; Leslie Lewis P.E., CFM; Phillip Beauchamp, CFM; Joe Remondini P.E., CFM; Ellen Stevens PhD, P.E., CFM; Janet Meshek, P.E., CFM

2009 – Clint Strawn, Woods County; Bill Smith, P.E., CFM

2010 – Michael R. Melton, OWRB

2011 – Oklahoma Water Resources Board

2012 –  Amy Brandley, CFM, FPA, Canadian County; Michael Chapman, CFM, Ponca City

2013 – Matt Rollins, CFM, OWRB

2014 – Ed Fite, CFM, Scenic Rivers Commission

2015 – Chris Duncan, P.E., CFM; Brandon Claborn, P.E., CFM; Chris Hill, GISP, CFM, Meshek & Associates

2016 – Ana Stagg, P.E., CFM, Meshek & Associates

2017 – Bill Chatron, Jody Stringer, and Micah Buchholtz – USACE, Tulsa District

2018 – Jeff Bigby, P.E., CFM, Monica Cardin, CCEA, CFM, Tom Leatherbee, MCP, AINS, CFM, Joe Remondini, P.E., CFM, W.B. “Bill” Smith, P.E., CFM

2019 – Johnny Barron-City of Altus

2021 – Matt Kock; David Webb; Chris Rogers, Meshek & Associates, LLC

Charles Don Ellison Memorial Award

2000 – Joseph R. Remondini, P.E., CFM, Tulsa

2001 – Carolyn Schultz, CFM, Tulsa

2002 – R.D. Flanagan, CFM, Tulsa

2003 – Anna Waggoner, CFM, Yukon

2004 – Janet Meshek, P.E., CFM, Meshek & Associates

2005 – Michael Mathis, OWRB

2006 – Jim Coffey, CFM, Bixby

2008 – Jeff Bigby P.E., CFM, Broken Arrow

2009 – Bill Smith, P.E., CFM, Mannford

2012 – Marc Utley, P.E., CFM, Utley and Associates, Edmond

2013 – Ana Stagg, P.E., CFM, Meshek & Associates

2014 – Monica Cardin, CFM, Del City

2015 – Marsha Blair, CFM, Slaughterville

2016 – Tom Leatherbee, CFM, Del City

2018 – Todd McLellan, P.E., CFM

Project Awards

2001 – Platinum, Lonnie Ward & FEMA; Gold, Dr. Baxter Vieux, Dr. Randall Kolar, Mrs. Jean Vieux, Mr. Gary Brickley, Dr. Vieux’s Hydrology Class & Dr. Kolar’s Open Channel Flow Class at the University of Oklahoma; Silver, Payne County Conservation District, Andy Kincaid

2002 – Platinum, City of Bixby, Oklahoma 2003; City of Tulsa, Elm Creek/Centennial Park Stormwater Detention Facility

2004 – Platinum, Caddo County Floodplain Board/County Commissioner, Dale Lasley, CFM

2021 – Gold, Tulsa River Parks Authority Flood Remediation Project

2021 – Platnium, City of Tulsa Stormwater Management Program

Ronald D. Flanagan Platinum Project Award

2006 – Platinum, T.J. Davis, CFM, Sand Springs;  Silver, Darryl Hughes, Guthrie

2007 – Platinum, The City of Coweta; Gold, City of Edmond, Nancy Kennedy, CFM;  Silver, The Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association for “Turn Around Don’t Drown Calendars.”

2008 – Platinum, City of Bixby, Mayor Ray Bowen and City Manager Mickey Webb; Gold, City of Kingfisher, William Tucker, CFM

2009 – Platinum, Ruth Walters, Oklahoma County; Gold, Tom Leatherbee,
City of Del City

2010 – Platinum, Ottawa County Floodplain Management Program; Gold, OFMA DRT; Silver, Canadian County Floodplain Board

2012 – Platinum, City of Kingfisher, Acquisition Project; Gold, City of Tulsa, Fred Creek (ORU) Project

2013 – USACE, Tulsa District

2014 – City of Ponca City

2015 – City of Edmond

2017 – Reza Khakpour, Olsson Associates, Polecat Creek Restoration Project

2018 – City of Edmond – Lindsey Street Project

2019 – City of Broken Arrow – Together Project, City of Tulsa Stormwater Management Program

Ben Frizzell Media Award

2000 – Ben Frizzell

2001 – Ronald D. Flanagan, CFM, Tulsa

2002 – Hank Elling, CFM, Lawton

2004 – Tulsa World – Amber Wilson, Kim Brown, Nora Froeschle, Hap Fry, Karen Shade, and Cory Young

2005 – Janet Meshek, P.E., CFM, Meshek & Associates

2006 – Carol Cole, Norman Transcript, Norman

2007 – ”Yukon Review,” Conrad Dudderar

2008 – OWRB “Flood Current” Newsletter, James Leewright, Darla Whitley; Brian Vance, Kenosha Corridor Flood Action Committee Newsletter, Wagoner County

2010 – Barry Hughes, Irving Productions

2011 – Urban Tulsa Weekly

2012 – Dee Robison, CFM

2013 – Ziva Branstetter, Tulsa World; Kelcey King, Bartlesville Examiner

2014 – KOSU-State Impact

2018 – Mary McAtee

2019 – KOTV News on 6

Silver Scoop Award

1998 – Joe Remondini, CFM; Carolyn Schultz, CFM; Hank Elling, CFM; Gavin Brady, CFM; Fred Liebe; Marion Stinson, CFM

1999 – Ben Frizzell; Lonnie Ward, CFM; Cliff Pitner, CFM; Larry Glenn; Dan Cary, CFM; Anna Lee, CFM; Barbara Hall, CFM; Mike Mathis

2000 – Commissioner Carroll Fisher; Representative Larry Rice; Representative Jim Newport; Raymond “Buddy” Young; Eric Wiles, CFM; Bob Bigham, CFM

2001 – Jim Leach; Russ Wyckoff; Representative James Covey; Andy Kincaid; Representative Purcy Walker; Senator Rick Littlefield; John Ward; T.J. Davis, CFM; Tom Graham; David Sprouse; David Large; OEMA Conference Committee

2002 – Senator Bruce Price

2005 – Dan Cary, CFM; David Cross, CFM; T.J. Davis, CFM; J.R. Giboney; Bobby Kinkle; Rex Hennen, CFM; Corrine Leach; Jimmy Sanders, CFM; Dale Thomson; Bill Tucker, CFM; Anna Waggoner, CFM; Ruth Walters; Nancy Wade, CFM; David Wakfield

2006 – Dean Couch; Ross Richardson, FEMA Region VI; Lou Klaver; Jeff Bigby, CFM; Bill Smith, P.E., CFM; Tinna-Song Wallis

2007 – Thomas Leatherbee, CFM

2008 – Dan Cary, CFM; Juli Matthews, CFM; Kathy Koon; Ruth Walters, CFM; Cathy Poage

2009 – Amy Brandley, CFM; Julie Matthews, CFM; Ana Stagg, P.E., CFM

2010 – Phillip Beauchamp; David Wakefield; Harry Trottier; Mayor Jimmy Tramel;  Bill Robison; Julie Cunningham

2011 – Mike Chapman, CFM; Clark Williams, CFM; Webmaster Mike Pearson; John Harrington, CFM

2012 – Richard Green; Mike Kimbro; Monty Proctor, P.E., CFM; Clark Williams, CFM; Lacie Jones, CFM; Mike Galloway, FPA, Amy Brandley, CFM

2013 – Rita Henze, CFM; Bill Smith, P.E., CFM; Jennifer Ramey, CFM; Tiffany Lloyd, CFM; Bill Robison, CFM; Jeff Bigby, P.E., CFM; Kim Sullivan, CFM; Monica Cardin, CFM

2014 – Robert Real, CFM; Kristy Martin; Eric Brandt, CFM; Joe Dan Morgan, CFM; Cynthia Kitchens, CFM

2015 – Beth Wilhelm, CFM; Max Boothe, CFM; Ed Cravens, CFM; Terry West, CFM; Anna Waggoner, CFM

2016 – Tim Craighton; Heath Dobrovolny, CFM; Lacie Jones, CFM; Michael Couch, GISP, CFM

2017 – Leslie Lewis – ODOT, Steve Clapp – City of Del City, Hannah Jacobs – Meshek & Associates

2018 – Jennifer Lawson – Meshek & Associates, Michelle Loudenback, CFM – City of Norman, Amy Shepard – City of Norman, OWRB FP Management Staff

Leatherbee Robison Education Outreach Award

2015 – Tom Leatherbee, MCP, CFM, Del City; Dee Robison, CFM, Tulsa

2016 – Leslie Lewis, P.E., CFM; Monica Cardin, CFM, Del City; USACE Tulsa Regulatory Branch

2017 – Cathy L. Pogue, OWRB

2018 – Joe Remondini, P.E., CFM

2019 – GT Bynum, Tulsa Mayor

Public Official of the Year Award

1994 – The Honorable Randel Shadid, Edmond

1995 – Bill Graves, Cleveland County; George Skinner, Cleveland County; Leroy Krohmer, Cleveland County

1996 – The Honorable Lonnie L. Farmer, Davidson

1997 – The Honorable M. Susan Savage, Tulsa

1998 – Louis E. Mathia, Mayor of Miami

1999 – Senator Kevin Easley, Senate District 18; Representative Larry Rice, House District 8

2000 – Commissioner Carroll Fisher, State Insurance Commissioner

2001 – Jack Roberts, Mayor of Apache; Douglas W. Rhett, Bartlesville

2002 – Representative Thad Balkman, House District 45

2003 – Washington County Floodplain Board

2004 – Representative Thad Balkman; Senator Bruce Price; Phil Carson, Canadian County Commissioner; The Honorable Mike Burdge, Sand Springs

2005 – Governor Brad Henry

2006 – Kim Holland, Insurance Commissioner

2007 – Cecil Bearden, Canadian County

2008 – Holmes Willis, Street Commissioner, Altus

2009 – Mayor Wade McCaleb, Richard Carter, Phil Tucker, Mike Lester, and Craig Thurmond, Broken Arrow

2010 – Ray Vaughn, Oklahoma County Commissioner District 3

2011 – Mayor Jimmy Tramel, Pryor Creek

2012 – Gary Ridley, Secretary of Transportation

2013 – Mark Edwards and Public Works Staff, Del City

2014 – Mayor Homer Nicholson, Ponca City

2015 –  J. Chris Stoner, P.E., State Conservation Engineer, USDA-NRCS

2016 –  Bill Robison, P.E., CFM, Tulsa

2018 – Hon. John D. Doak

2019 – Karen Keith, Tulsa County District 3 Commissioner

2021 – Ken Doke, Muskogee Country District 1 Commissioner

Floodplain Manager of the Year Award

1994 – William Kenneth Morris, CFM, Water Resources Board

1995 – Joseph R. Remondini, P.E., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

1996 – Marsha M. Blair, Slaughterville

1997 – Jack L. Graham, Kingfisher County

1998 – Walter Stout, CFM, Pryor Creek

1999 – Stuart Chai, P.E., CFM, Midwest City

2000 – Michael David Biggers, CFM, Lahoma

2001 – Nancy E. Wade, CFM, Bartlesville

2002 – Lynne Stevenson, CFM, Canadian County

2003 – Searles F. (Jick) Grant, Washington County

2004 – Cliff Pitner, CFM, McAlester

2005 – Erik Enyart, CFM, Creek County FPA, Oklahoma

2006 – Chloe Lewis, CFM, Comanche County Emergency Management

2007 – Julie Matthews, CFM, Miami

2008 – Amy Brandley, CFM, Canadian County

2009 – Shawn O’Leary, P.E., Norman

2010 – Tom Leatherbee, CFM, Del City

2011 – Cody Whittenburg, CFM, Stillwater

2012 – Jeff Bigby, P.E., CFM, Broken Arrow

2013 – Kent Sanmann, CFM, Moore

2014 – Bill Robison, P.E., CFM, Tulsa

2021 – David Smith, CFM, City of Woodward FPA

J. Gavin Brady Floodplain Manager of the Year

2015 – J. Gavin Brady, CFM, OWRB; Jana Harris, GISP, CFM, Director of Community & Economic Development, SWODA

2016 – Monica Cardin, CFM, Del City

2017 – Tommy Arnold – Pottawatomie County FPA

2018 – Nancy Kennedy

2019 – Tulsa County Floodplain Administrator Teresa Tosh and Muskogee County Floodplain Administrator Jeff Smith

Flood Forum and Spring Conference Awards

2000 – Paul Zachary, Raymond “Buddy” Young, Diana Herrera, Dorothy Martinez, Carl Watts

2001 – Spring OFMA Conference, Outstanding Recognition, Carl Watts, FEMA Region 6, Denton, TX

2002 – Spring OFMA Conference, Outstanding Recognition, James LeGrotte

Outstanding Recognition Award

2007 – Dean Couch; Robert Tortorelli, CFM

2008 – Chris Henderson, CFM; Tom Leatherbee, CFM

2009 – Kent Wilkins, CFM

2010 – Leslie Lewis, ODOT; Bill Smith, P.E., CFM, HISINC

2011 – Tom Leatherbee, CFM, Del City

2012 – Carolyn Schultz, CFM, USACE Retired

2013 – City of Edmond Floodplain Management Program

2014 – Lisa Jennings, FEMA Region VI

2015 – Kevin Enloe, Pittsburg County/McAlester; Beth Wilhelm, CFM, OWRB

2017 -David Lacey, Air Topo, Chris Hill, GISP, CFM – Meshek and Associates, and Laura Hendrix – City of Tulsa

2018 – Jon Phillips, CFM – Freese & Nichols, Inc. Cynthia Williams, CFM – City of Lawton

2019 – Kenneth Schwab and Mayor Sandy Wright, City of Broken Arrow