The 2014 OFMA Spring workshop is scheduled for April 8th, 2014. The workshop will be held at the Quartz Mountain Resort Arts & Conference Ceter. READ MORE ..

The 2013-2014 Floodplain Workshop dates have been released. Please see below for more information as to where, who and the day of these workshops.

Date Where Course Topics Presenter
April 13th Clinton Establishing BFE's in UnNumber A Zones... Joe Remondini
April 17th Norman Basics for new FPA's... Bill Smith
April 29th Bartlesville Risk Map Ana Stagg
May 15th Norman Joining the CRS... Joe Remondini
May 20th Langly Basics for new FPA's... Joe Remondini
June 19th Norman Silver Jackets Partnership for Flood... Ana Stagg

To download a full list of scheduled training, click here.

2014 Legislative ReceptionPlease join us for OFMA’s Annual Legislative Reception to honor our Oklahoma Legislature, staff and other State officials. Catered by Jamil's of Oklahoma City. Read More ...

Community Signage Assistance

With FEMA Community Assistance Program funding OFMA has been able to purchase 135 TADD signs to be placed at low water crossings and flooded roads across the State. We want to prioritize the placement of these signs so that the most hazardous low water crossings get signs first.

For a community or tribe to apply for signs they need to provide the Latitude and Longitude of the low water crossing, along with information regarding the severity of flooding at the crossing.
Read more ...

Flood Picture/Video Contest

OFMA is preparing a new series of outreach presentations known as OFMA Essentials and looking for pictures and videos of flooding. In order to get the best photos and videos, the Outreach Committee is holding a contest -- with a $50 gift card for the winner in each category.

Submissions can be sent to Tom Leatherbee by email at tleatherbee@cityofdelcity.org. For larger video clips, contact Tom for submittal instructions. The deadline for submissions is November 1st.

Fine print: You must have the rights to any photo or video you submit and you grant OFMA an irrevocable license to use that media in outreach pieces and for other organization purposes. Please include how you wish the photo/video to be credited with your submission. Multiple entries are allowed, and may increase your odds of winning.

Flood Insurance Affordability

ASFPM supports many of the provisions of the 2012 NFIP Reform bill, otherwise known as Biggert-Waters 2012, usually shortened to BW-12. A centerpiece of this reform bill was to make the NFIP more financially sound. At the time the bill passed (May 2012) and was signed (7-6-12), the NFIP was over $17 billion in debt to the US Treasury (taxpayer), with little chance the program could ever repay that debt (now, the program is $23 billion in debt to the Treasury , [expected to go to $25 billion as a result of Sandy]). As such, Congress looked closely at why the program was in debt and what could be changed to improve it. The changes include many provisions for significant increases in flood insurance premiums to move them toward full risk rates and other measures to improve the financial soundness of the NFIP. ASFPM supports fiscal soundness for the NFIP.

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